About Us


Sue McPhee is recognized as an expert in the Weight Loss Industry both in Australia and New Zealand. Holding senior management positions in both markets.

Sue started with Jenny Craig Weight Loss Systems and was appointed Assistant Managing Director to Jenny and built the business to annual turnover of $88Mil per year and 110 centres. Appointed General Manager to Ultra Lite regaining market share through the establishment of trained operators within gyms and fitness centres.

Sue first travelled to PNG in 2014 to promote good health and wellness products which includes the most advanced weight loss system available – made in Australia.

Garran McPhee has a highly successful background in Franchise. Garran set up the Jenny Craig Weight Loss franchise system and it was this business model that was used to build the USA market and which was listed on the USA stock exchange in 2013.

Garran will be actively seeking licensees in both PNG and the Pacific islands. For more information about franchising please click here.

How it Works

We’ve put a lot of thought into making our weightloss system nutritional, science based, easy to use and deliver results – fast!
You will be fully supported on your weightloss journey by our committed and caring staff along with the breadth of knowledge from our many years in the industry.
As wealth of articles, recipes and tips are regularly posted on our blog page and on our facebook and instagram accounts for your reference and to assist you in achieving your goals.